party, manfriday‘s-style!
Some things are made for each other. Manfriday‘s and celebrations, for instance. 40th and 50th birthdays, family reunions, Christmas parties booking the whole place. Hell, and back. Try this...
Birthdays. We‘ve hosted one family‘s 75th (Dad), 50th (Son) and 25th (grandson) birthdays on the same day. Fully catered, with dance party and drum-beaters. It lasted 3 days, but it felt like 3 weeks...
Rewards. Manfriday‘s has been the winning prize in a lottery, and a salesman‘s reward (aside of the cash). It‘s also been where a family brought their aging parents to renew their vows, 50 years later.
Garden Parties. When you have a lawn like this... the best garden event to date was the Film-Crew. After a week of the Director‘s “cuts“, the effects-guys came up with a Finale... 120 people died laughing!
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