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“ Nestling between the coast and the green hills of Kenya, a landscape of amazing natural beauty provides the spectacular setting for Vipingo Ridge, the newest and most striking addition to Africa's great courses. The capricious Kaskazi and Kuzi monsoon breezes make this 72 par course a challenge and a delight for every golfer.

A meandering system of waterfalls, lakes and streams run through the course giving a real risk-reward quality to many holes and also creating new natural habitats for birds and wildlife. Extensive fairway modeling and the planting of thousands of new indigenous trees ensure that every hole has strategic elements to bring interest and enjoyment for all golfers.

Vipingo Ridge brings an unparalleled new dimension to golf in East Africa. Built to the most exacting international standards, the course has spectacular panoramic views of the Indian Ocean to the east and the vast African interior with its stunning sunsets to the west “

Text and Animation courtesy of the Vipingo Ridge Golf & Country Club.  1 hour from Manfriday‘s.

world class Golf!
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