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Incredibile ! Stupendo !“

Andrea, Pietro, Maria & Raoul, Italy, August, 2011

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Call it the Manfriday‘s difference. Each room uniquely designed and outfitted, each villa custom configured for couples,
fellow-travellers, or groups of family and/or freinds. Manfriday’s villas place privacy, style and outfitting central to the experience.

The villas have been designed, styled and outfitted in a localised, ‘eco-aware’ style. The open-plan ‘beach-house’ designs offers a uniquely breezy, flowing, casual feel, while delivering a romantic, ‘barefoot luxury’ style to the vacation.

With all the trappings of a private house – spacious living and dining areas, private spaces per room – we call it
"villa-centric" because, privacy or partying, it happens here first.