Here's what we are, and you decide if that's your speed.
small	       with a total of 20 (adult) beds - more if you include
                  kids, we're small and self-contained.

quiet	       10 mins by boat from civilisation, but 45 mins by
                  road. We have neighbours, but no beach-boys or 
                  party clubs, beach bars or pizza parlours either.

private       we place our emphasis on privacy and our guests'
                  personal space. From villas to common places,
                  Manfriday's is for folks who want to left alone.

open          our beach villas are designed as breezy, open-plan
                  spaces. Not too many doors, and not a loss yet.
natural    we don't do air-conditioning either, relying on fans to 
               keep it cool and airy. And we don't have TVs or hair-
               dryers in the rooms, sorry.

eco          we recycle eveything, especially water. We ask guests 
                to be aware of the natural resources. Wildlife - this is 
                Africa - has right of way.

strict	     about smoking in rooms, decency, respect for local life.
                We're located in a Marine National Park and we insist 
                our natural and cultural heritage is preserved.

human    and so, not perfect - we don‘t have unlimited resources        
                either. We're owner / operator-run and we promise only
                to do our very best.
Is Manfriday's right for you?
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