the more the merrier!
Dive Groups. We‘ve hosted some great Dive parties, accomodated in one villa (Stonehouse). Our pool is big enough to test equipment, our seas calm enough for beginners, fascinating enough for the best.
Company Retreats. We‘ve had medical researchers meet and iron out publication details, NGO‘s plan campaigns, bank executives discuss strategy. High-speed wireless internet? check.
Fishing Parties. There‘s nothing like a fishermans‘s excuse! we‘ve heard them all, and feasted on the ones they DID bring home, then partied into the small hours. And started all over again in the morning.
Freinds & Family. From Annie to granny, we‘re perfect for the reunion (not least because you can get away), the get-together, the yelling and screaming! Take a Villa, or the whole place, and cry all you want.
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