Welcome to Manfriday's Mida Cove. Or as we say here, Welcome Home.

Manfriday's is both a place and an idea of a place: of how a vacation should be, of new ways of doing things, of being different from, well, everything before it.

It starts with the things we value.

Privacy. From your private villa to our private coves, miles and miles of empty beaches.

Personality. Each villa and room has been individually designed and outfitted.

Preference. Nothing is done without your consent, and we hope, participation.

It all adds up to a customized experience. In so many ways, it‘s your show, in one of the most gorgeous settings on the Tropical Indian Ocean coast. And yet, neither too far away. A 10-minute boatride from the center of the action, if and when you want it.

So, welcome – to where time stands still.

A Place, and an Idea of a Place
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