Manfriday's is built from ground up on fresh ideas about how a vacation should work; about what quiet luxury should mean: how it should look, feel, taste and, well.. be. 
Dining : our style is all about you, from menu selection to preparation, you're the boss, and it happens for you, around you and to your exact tastes. Our chefs a central part of the experience, to listen and advise, inform and entertain. At Manfriday’s, we make food fun again.
Staff : our guests are serviced by staff dedicated to personalizing their vacation. For instance, your Manfriday is someone who’s there for you, watching out for you, who turns your wishes into realitiesDining_Content.htmlStaff_Content.htmlshapeimage_1_link_0shapeimage_1_link_1
Vive la Difference!
Accomodation : Manfriday’s is a ‘vacation village’ of individual, separate beach villas delvering „barefoot luxury“. The villas are separated into „Neighborhoods“, each with it’s unique styles and flavours. The villas are fully outfitted with, in addition to large bedrooms, living and dining spaces, outdoor and roof-level decks, plunge-pools and more. The idea is, feel at home.
There‘s more; in our ideas about pricing (we value the total experience); in our timing, or better, in your timings (let us know when, where, and what time you want it), in our sense of individual personality (we‘re owner-operated, so our guests are like... our guests).
Manfriday‘s delivers an experience custom-tailored to you. And a biggest difference is, we mean it.Living.htmlshapeimage_3_link_0
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